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Summer 2018

Professor:  Rebecca Hayes
Phone: 916-484-8672
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Office:  BCS Area Offices, CMC Computer Math Center



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Web Graphics & Design: Creating Impressive Websites

Course Description

Have you ever wanted to create and design your own webpage? This course will teach participants how to design and create websites with visually impressive web graphics. Students will learn to develop multiple websites starting with basic HTML/CSS coding skills, then build a site with Adobe Dreamweaver, a user-friendly, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface. Participants will explore how to market websites with social media and search engine optimization (SEO). Beginning with project planning, students will then create and design graphics for the web before building multiple websites. They will finish up by building a site with a free cloud-based template application using Students will make graphics for the web with Adobe Photoshop and a free cloud application such as Good web design practices will be reviewed as students research and discover the importance of content management, determine how to find a host server, and choose a good domain name. No prior design or coding experience is necessary. Students who successfully complete course requirements at the “A” and “B” levels will be recommended for 1 unit of high school credit. 
Note: Students will need to sign up for internet-based software applications and create an email account to have access to Google Drive.


Day 1

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Good Web Design Practices
  • Intro to HTML and CSS
  • Start Making a Website using Cloud based application:
  • Take a look at and Evaluate

Day 2

  • Graphics Day!
  • Making impressive Graphics for Websites and Social Media Marketing
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • and - other photo editing apps

Day 3

  • cont. Adobe Photoshop

Day 4

  • Making a Website using a WYSISYG software application: Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Continue - HTML and CSS (using Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • A bit of teamwork ~ all class members work on a site together

Might get to some of this:

  • More Cloud based applications
  • SEO ~ Metatags
  • Social Media Marketing

Day 5

  • Continue where we left off on Day 4
  • Extra subject class member would like to explore ~
  • **How to make money as a side job during school
  • Few more tricky tips using Photoshop
  • Present one website to class members to be evaluated as a team of participants