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Using the Keyboard for Website Navigation

This website was designed to allow navigation to be accomplished entirely via the keyboard.

1. Press the Tab key twice. Note the dotted box that appears around the first link on the page. This link has gained "focus."

2. Additional pressing of the Tab key will transfer the "focus" to each successive link down the page. The page will scroll up as needed to display each successive link.

3. Holding down the Shift key while pressing Tab will transfer the focus to successive links up the page.

4. Pressing the Enter key will activate the hyperlink that has "focus" (i.e. works the same as pointing and clicking on the link).

5. Get acquainted with the keys on your keyboard that will move the cursor. Cursor Movement Keys (bottom-right between keyboard and number

  • Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Rigth Arrow

6. Get acquainted with the keyboard keys that will move from one page to another. Page Movement Keys (top-right between keyboard and numberpad)

  • Home, End, Page up, Page down

7. This method of website navigation can be helpful to a wide range of people:

  • people with limited motor abilities (i.e. very young, very old, disabled, etc.)
  • people with repetitive stress syndrome from over use of the mouse
  • people who want to prevent repetitive stress syndrome
  • people who don't like the pointing device on their laptop computer