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Vision Comfort for Computer Users

Bruce R. Thomas, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, American River College, 25aug2004.

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Computer usage can be stressful for our eyes, so all computer users should learn what they can do to prevent eyestrain and to relieve the symptoms. In addition, our eyesight fades naturally after age 45. Eventually we all will need to learn everything we can do to maintain a clear and comfortable view of what is on our computer screens.

Many adjustments are available to improve the visibility of the information on your computer screen. These include monitor display settings and web browser software settings. All computer users may benefit from knowing how to make these visibility adjustments, but for many people with partial vision disabilities these adjustments are especially critical.
  1. Eyecare for Computer Users.
    1. Computer vision syndrome.
    2. Eyeglasses for computer users.
    3. Strategies to reduce eyestrain.
    4. Additional information.
  2. Adjust Computer Monitor Display Settings.
    1. CRT monitor settings.
    2. Text size increased using magnifier utility software.
    3. Flat screen vs. CRT monitors.
    4. Video cards.
  3. Adjust Web Browser Software Display Settings.
    1. Text size adjustment in web browser software.
    2. Web browser settings to override web page styles.
    3. Use your own style sheet to override web page styles.

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