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English 301 Online

Essay  Two:    DRAMA Analysis

Required Readings

Essay assignment


Due Dates and Length

Packet Requirements                       

Required Readings:

Required Readings:

All previously assigned readings from Meyer

Helpful Information:

From Chapter 8 (the section defining "theme" pp. 220 - 223)
From Chapter 37: "Reading Drama " 929-930, and 
"Elements of Drama" 944-948 

Chapter 41: "Modern Drama" 1125-1129
Chapter 45: "Critical Strategies for Reading," especially "Critical Thinking," 1501-1503 and strategies that may be useful: Biographical, Historical, Psychological, Gender.
Chapter 46: "Reading and Writing"

Essay assignment:

Write an essay that analyzes the way one or two of the elements of drama in A Raisin in the Sun contributes to its theme or sub theme.  You might choose to analyze the play's setting or characterization, or an element of plot.  Make sure that you discuss the elements of drama you choose in terms of a theme from the play.  (Chapter 8, pages 220-223 gives you an overview of theme.)

Your essay must draw on one or two of  the elements of drama as noted in Meyer, Chapter 37 944-948.

Do not use any sources outside Meyer and the film to write this essay.  Simply draw from your reading of the play and what you have learned about drama.

Tip: Start your brainstorming by rereading the questions for reading drama in Meyer (Chapter 38, 963-964).  Then free write on the questions. DO NOT write answers to these questions in your essay!  The point is to get you thinking analytically about the play.  Then develop a narrow, focused thesis that addresses the element of the play you will discuss.  


Your essay should reflect what you already know about essay organization, and, therefore should exhibit the following:

Due Dates and Length:

Thursday, June 23, 10 PM: Rough Draft 1000 words
Peer review: Friday, June 24
Monday, Sunday, June 26, 10 PM:
Final Draft 1250-1500 words 
(not including Works Cited Page)

Packet Requirements

Final Draft and Works Cited Page

If BY the PEER REVIEW DEADLINE of Friday June 24, at 10PM, someone fails to do your peer review as directed, send an appeal to the class (including me) via email, asking for a peer review.  As soon as you get a response, email the class, letting us know you have found someone to help and who it is (to avoid confusion).  If you are a student who answers the appeal for a peer review, include that 3rd effort in your packet and notify me when you submit your packet.