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Essay  Three:  Poetry Analysis

Required Readings

Essay assignment


Due Dates and Length

Packet Requirements                       

Required Readings:

Previously assigned readings in Meyer on critical strategy 
and Meyer chapters 18,19, as well as the chapter on your poet.  Review "Questions for Responsive Reading and Writing" (on poetry) Meyer 531
and "Documenting Sources" Meyer 1572

Helpful Information:

I assigned you the Bedford St. Martin's online site for the Elements of Poetry, but Chapters 20-28 expand on the elements with very good examples.  Chapter 21 on images will be really helpful should you choose topic 1 for your essay.  In general all of the poetry chapters will be helpful.

Chapter 46: "Reading and Writing"

Essay assignment

Note: With the exception of Choice Three, the explication, all options must include 2-3 elements of poetry in the discussion.

Choice 1: Form Poetry

Poets carefully craft words, and one method they sometimes employ is the use of form.  Two complex forms are the sestina and the villanelle.  Review the characteristics of each on pages 688 and 690 of Meyer (It would be a good idea to review all of Chapter 26.) Then write an essay describing and comparing the way the form is used to construct meaning in Dylan Thomas's "Do not go gentle into that good night" and Elizabeth Bishop's "Sestina."  

Choice Two: Imagery

How do Jimmy Santiago Baca and Sandra Gilbert use imagery and ethnicity to create meaning in "Green Chile" and "Mafioso?"

Choice Three: Explication 

Review the instructions for writing an explication essay on pages 1546-1551; then chose any ONE poem from pages 879-923, and write an explication of it.

Choice Four: Analysis

Review the instructions for writing an analysis essay on pages 1551 - 1556; then chose any ONE poem from pages 879-923, and write an analysis of it.

You will need to prepare a Works Cited page.

These essays will be submitted to turnitin.com.


Your essay should reflect what you already know about essay organization, and, therefore should exhibit the following:

Due Dates and Length:

Tuesday, July 5 10 PM: Rough Draft minimum 1200 words (on the Peer Review Workshop board)
Peer reviews:  Wednesday July 6, 10 PM
Thurs. July 7, 10 PM: Final Draft 1250-1500 words 
(not including Works Cited Page)

Packet Requirements

Include these clearly marked documents:
Final Draft and Works Cited Page

I will check the following items on the Peer Review Board
Rough Draft
Two peer reviews done for your essay
Two peer reviews you did for others

If BY the PEER REVIEW DEADLINE of Wednesday, July 6, someone fails to do your peer review as directed, send an appeal to the class (including me) via email, asking for a peer review.  As soon as you get a response, email the class, letting us know you have found someone to help and who it is (to avoid confusion).  If you are a student who answers the appeal for a peer review, mention that 3rd effort in your email when you submit your essay.