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Essay  Four:    Novel Analysis, The Awakening

Required Readings

Essay assignment


Due Dates and Length

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Required Readings:

The Awakening and all associated readings I have assigned.

Previously assigned readings in Meyer on critical strategy 

Helpful Information: The Elements of Fiction as assigned in our short story unit.

Chapter 52: "Critical Strategies for Reading"
Chapter 53: "Reading and Writing"

Essay assignment  (Choose one):

Choice One:

The novel's title refers to an awakening, but it can be argued that Edna actually experiences a series of awakenings.  Trace the stages of Edna's awakening throughout the novel, referring to specific passages, and analyzing them in terms of the small or more significant awakenings they represent for her.  An appropriate general focus (anchor) for your essay would be to establish the nature of these awakenings (what is she waking from and to).

Choice Two:

The novel includes several minor female characters that act as "foils" for Edna.  These include Mariequita, Mdme. Reisz, Adele Ratagniolle and Mrs. Highcamp.  How does the interaction between these characters and Edna help readers to better understand Edna?  Refer to specific scenes/conversations in the novel.

Focus your analysis strictly on the novel.  If any research you have done factors into this essay, it should be solely as support for a thesis you develop, and should not be the source of your thesis.  Also, limit that support to one or two brief quotes only, and, of course, you must cite all sources.  Use author name and page numbers to cite. 

Choice Three: 

Looking  at The Awakening through the lens of both The Seneca Falls Declaration, and the reviews the novel received at the time of its publication.  (These are referred to as "contemporary reviews.") Both readings were assigned for Unit Four and are linked at the Chopin Links page.  Then write an essay that discusses the ethics of Edna's choices as she resists her traditional gender role.

These essays will be submitted to turnitin.com.


Your essay should reflect what you already know about essay organization, and, therefore should exhibit the following:

Due Dates and Length:

(Optional--see Unit Four Activities for details)
Essay 4 Rough Drafts (due Wednesday 7/13 at 10 PM)
Submit the rough draft of Essay Four:  Analysis of The Awakening to the Peer Review Workshop board (linked here and at the Discussion link) 

(Optional--see Unit Four Activities for details)
Peer Reviews (due Thursday 7/14 at 10 PM)
Peer review the draft above and below yours--if you are at the top of the list peer review the draft below yours and the draft at the bottom of the list--if you are at the bottom of the list peer review the draft above yours and the one at the top of the list--you know the drill). 

Essay Four final draft (due Sunday 7/17 at 10 PM)
2000 words via email and digital drop box

Packet Requirements

Include these clearly marked documents:
Final Draft and Works Cited Page